Beautiful to behold, beautiful to wear

How we work



The MIASUKI Cavallerizza e Cavaliere collection has been designed for women who enjoy the equestrian lifestyle. From the first light of the morning to late at night, MIASUKI has clothes that are practical, functional, technical, elegant and just plain beautiful.

Every item in the collection has been tailored and sketched and the best materials have been selected; they have been cut by our tailors and made into samples by our sewers.

The creative team then fit-tests and reviews the samples on our house models and decisions are made about changes in fit, colour and style. Once approved, the merchandisers and product development managers take over, in order to make the designs ready for production by our craftsmen and factories in Northern Italy. The products are carefully manufactured to bring pleasure and enjoyment, for competition or leisure, for all our customers.



When selecting fabrics, trimmings and accessories for MIASUKI, we look for the finest quality that can be found in order to bring the style and quality to our collection that inferior materials cannot match. We design and manufacture our own exclusive fabrics or choose from the ranges of leading Italian producers. And because function is as important as form, we test everything in the laboratory and in the field to ensure that each garment performs to our demanding standards. We use beautiful cashmere or merino wool, pima cotton and pure silk. To these we add innovations such as moisture management microfibers and four-way stretch body sensitive fabrics that are performance functional.