Inspired by elite equestrian spirit
Every MIASUKI is created to be precisely fit for purpose.
We design with intuitive conviction to enable exquisite durability, comfort and beauty, whatever the occasion.
This requires our designs to be genuinely sustainable and durable in every aspect. They travel well, are multi-functional and easy to care for.
Above all, they are exceptionally comfortable and beautiful to wear.
“You need to be aware of all your vertebra becoming one.”
Mia S. Lei
MIASUKI is more than just another clothing brand, it is a way of life. To those who love horses and beautiful things, we offer elegant innovation and elite quality. To those who cherish a dynamic lifestyle and appreciate exquisite quality and durability, we offer fabrics with intelligent beauty and durability.

MIASUKI clothing tells a story. To look, to touch and to wear the garments is a pleasure. Our fabrics are selected for technical performance and luxurious aesthetic. We cut our patterns to be feminine, practical and ergonomic and we finish our items by hand so that no detail is overlooked.
Intelligent, direct determination to deliver consistent perfection.
The best or nothing.
Studied design processes to balance delivery of the highest
technical standards with purposeful aesthetic beauty.
Restless and rebellious spirit to rethink the formula. Disruptive bravery to
challenge conventions with exquisite performance as our sole purpose.
Deeply personal spiritual energy and enlightenment, freedom from
frustrations and barriers.
“I believe everyone has consciousness, but how many awake moments do you have?”
Intuitive sensitivity from an emotional and physical aspect.
This purposeful sense of care is instilled in every dimension
of our product design and brand experience.
Lack of EQ, refinement or sophistication.
“Luxury lies not in richness and ornateness but in the absence of vulgarity.”
Second rate performance and the willingness to accept mediocrity.
Taking things as a given, lacking the will to rebel from restrictions.
The frustrating failure of second place.
Knowing it could and should be better.
“A life is not worth living without pushing boundaries and questioning status quo.”
Mia S. Lei