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Data supplied to MIASUKI Italia s.r.l. with registered office in Italy, Milan (MI), via Nino Bixio, 7, 20129; entered at the Milan Chamber of Commerce under no. MI 2008299, Tax code and VAT reg. no.: 08187000966 (hereinafter referred to as "MIASUKI") through the Web Site, that can be visited at the address (URL) (“Web Site”) when registering on the Site or as each case arises when using the Services provided by MIASUKI (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”) will be processed in keeping with legislative provisions regarding the protection of personal data. MIASUKI informs the user of the following.


1. Data Controller

The Data Controller is the company MIASUKI Italia s.r.l. with registered office in Milan, ZIP code 20129, via Nino Bixio, 7; entered at the Milan Chamber of Commerce under no. 2008299, Tax code and VAT reg. no.: 08187000966;,tel. +39 02 92969188, fax. +39 02 92969133.  

The Data Processing Supervisor is November Grace Limitedwith registered office in Hong Kong,  hereinafter referred to as “November Grace”, e-mail tel. +852 2877 2111.


2. Nature of data processed and purposes of processing

Only personal, and not sensitive, data are processed, the term personal data meaning any information relating to the physical person, identified or capable of being identified, even indirectly with reference to any other information.

 The user’s data are processed for the following purposes:

a) for purposes directly connected with and contributing to the activation and functioning of the Services supplied by MIASUKI, to perform obligations laid down by the law, by regulations or Community directives and legislation and in order to exercise its rights in judicial proceedings;

b) to promote, through the e-mail of the user whose address is indicated by him when registering on the Web Site or while the Services are being activated, commercial offers relating to and/or connected with MIASUKI Services, to send advertising material relating exclusively to the aforementioned products or Services or to carry out market research or deal with sales communications;

c) to transfer and store them on servers situated in Hong Kong.


3. Mandatory/ voluntary conferment of data

The conferment of data requested when the user registers or activates the Services for the purposes described in the foregoing sections 2a) and 2c), is obligatory, being strictly necessary for the supply of the said Services and in order to satisfy legal obligations. Refusal to supply data will prevent MIASUKI from completing the process of registering the user and/or therefore of supplying the Services.

The conferment of data requested when the user registers on the Site or activates the Services for the purposes described in the foregoing section 2b) is optional.

The user may oppose the processing of data for the purposes envisaged in article 2b), initially by not clicking on the box provided when registering on the Site or activating use of the Services, or later by sending an e-mail to the address Therefore, by selecting the box when registering on the Site or activating the Services, the user gives his consent to the use of his data as indicated above for the purposes envisaged. On the other hand, if the user does not select the relevant box, he will be taken to have refused to give his consent to the processing of data.

The refusal of consent for the purposes of section 2b) will not produce any effect on the registration and / or on the delivery of Services.

The user will be able to use the Services of MIASUKI in any case.


4. Transfer of data

The user’s personal data can be transferred to particular subjects instructed by MIASUKI to supply the Services who facilitate or are required for the performance of obligations connected with registration on the Web Site, for any purchase to be made online and generally for the provision of the Services, within the scope and in keeping with instructions given. 

More precisely, data may be transferred to:

1. subjects delegated and/or instructed by MIASUKI to carry out the operations or part of the operations linked to the supply of the sales services, such as customer care, also if handled through outsourcing; the subjects carrying out post-sales assistance operations on behalf of MIASUKI and any other external working associate to whom such information must be transferred in order to satisfy the obligations taken on by MIASUKI in relation to the contract for the supply of its Services in a correct manner;

2. persons, companies or professional studios that conduct Customer Service assistance or consultancy activities or act as working associates on behalf of MIASUKI in connection with accounting, administrative, legal, tax and financial matters;

3. public administrations for the performance of institutional functions subject to the restrictions laid down by law or regulations.

The user’s data will not be circulated.


5. Processing methods adopted

The user’s data are collected online when he registers on the Web Site and/or launch of Services, and through cookies.

The user’s data will be processed through registration, consultation, communication, conversation and cancellation operations carried out principally with the help of electronic tools, ensuring that adequate measures are taken to guarantee the security of the data processed and their confidential nature.

The user’s data, stored on electronic media, are kept and filed on a site server in Hong Kong. More precisely, MIASUKI declares that data registered on the server are protected against the risk of intrusion or non-authorised access and that it has also taken security measures capable of guaranteeing the integrity and availability of the data as well as safeguarding the areas and rooms used predominantly for their custody and accessibility.

Personal data will be processed by working associates and/or employees of MIASUKI as data processing supervisors and data processors, as part of the respective tasks assigned to them and in keeping with instructions given to them by MIASUKI.

MIASUKI guarantees the maximum level of security in the management of the user’s data. In particular, the user acknowledges that, in order to carry out commercial transactions relating to the Services purchased, he must confer details of his credit/debit card, which will be handled exclusively by authorised bodies, satisfying the conditions imposed for use of the cards and the data processing terms applied by them. 


6. Rights of the party concerned (data subject) 

The user is entitled to obtain confirmation, at any time, regarding the existence or otherwise of data regarding self and of the purposes for which they are being used. He is also entitled to request that data be revised or altered, deleted or the circulation thereof restricted and may oppose their being processed, either in whole or in part.

1. The party concerned (data subject) is entitled to obtain confirmation regarding the existence or otherwise of personal data regarding self, even if such data are not yet registered, and to receive the said data in intelligible form.

2. The party concerned (data subject) is entitled to receive information regarding:

a) the origin of the personal data;

b) the purposes for which the data are being processed and the methods adopted;

c) the logics applied in the event that the data are processed with the use of electronic equipment;

d) details identifying the data controller, the data processing supervisors and the appointed representative 

e) the subjects or the categories of subject to whom the personal data may be transferred or to whose attention they may be brought in a capacity as appointed representative for the territory of the State in question, as data processing supervisors or data processors.

3. The party concerned (data subject) is entitled:

a) to have data revised, altered or, when in his or her interests, supplemented;

b) to have data processed in contravention of the law deleted, rendered anonymous or the circulation thereof restricted, c) including any information which need not be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed;

c) to obtain confirmation that the measures referred to in the foregoing paragraphs a) and b), including details thereof, have been brought to the attention of the parties to whom the data have been transferred or disseminated, unless such an obligation proves impossible or would require means which are grossly disproportionate to the rights being protected.

4.The party concerned (data subject) is entitled to oppose, either in whole or in part:

a) upon legitimate grounds, the processing of personal data regarding self, even if such data are relevant, with regard to the purposes underlying the collection thereof;

b) the processing of personal data regarding self for purposes connected with the sending of advertising material, with direct sales, market research or sales communications.

To exercise the aforementioned rights, and to receive information relating to the subjects with whom data are stored or to whom data are transferred or subjects to whose attention, when acting as data processing supervisors or data processors, your data are brought, the user may contact MIASUKI, also through a data processor, sending a request to the following e-mail, or by telephone at the following number  +39 02 92969188 or by fax at the following number +39 02 92969133  


7. Period for which data are processed

Data will be processed for a period not exceeding that necessary for the purposes for which they were collected in the compliance with civil, fiscal and tax legislation and regulations currently in force.


8. Revisions of the Informative notice regarding Privacy

This informative notice regarding Privacy is subject to occasional revisions. When modifications are made to processing operations, MIASUKI will inform the user accordingly. When laid down by legislation, the user is entitled to give his consent to new processing operations. If he refuses, the user’s data will not be processed in the modified manner contemplated in the informative notice regarding privacy. 


9. Information regarding cookies


What are cookies?

Cookies are short text strings which the site visited by the user sends to his terminal (usually to the browser), where they are stored and then re-transmitted to the same site when the user visits it again in the future. While navigating on the site, the user may also receive cookies on his terminal sent from different sites or Web servers (known as “third-party cookies”), which may house certain elements (such as, for example, images, sounds, specific links to pages in other domains) found on the site being visited.

Cookies, usually present in users’ browsers in very large numbers and at times also having features operating for an extended period of time, are used for various purposes: digital authentication, session monitoring and storage of information on specific configurations relating to the users accessing the server.

Cookies vary from one type to another on the basis of the purposes for which they are utilised. There are two macro-categories of cookie: technical cookie and profiling cookies.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those used solely for the purpose of transmitting a communication on an electronic communications network, or to the extent strictly necessary to supply the Service requested by the user.

Profiling cookies

Profile cookies are designed to create profiles relating to the user and they are used in order to send advertising messages that reflect the preferences shown by him when navigating on the Web.

Types of cookies used by the Web Site

Technical cookies

The Web Site uses technical cookies that allow users who return to the Site to be identified, together with their data, thereby avoiding the need to enter the same information over and over again. 

These cookies do not require the user’s prior consent to be installed and utilised. The following technical cookies are used on the Web Site.

Navigation or session cookies, which guarantee that the user can move around the Site and benefit from its contents. For example, they allow the user to make a purchase or to be recognised before accessing confidential areas. These cookies are necessary to move around and use the features of the Web Site.

Functionality cookies, through which specific functions on the Site, necessary to provide the Services offered and to improve them, are activated. More precisely, these cookies allow the user to be recognised when accessing on later occasions without having to enter his data every time he visits the Site and allowing him to navigate on the basis of a set of criteria already selected beforehand (such as the language used, the products selected for purchase). Functional cookies are not essential to the enjoyment of the Site, but help provide a better user experience.

Analytic cookies, through which statistical information is obtained relating to the number of users who visit the Site and the methods used to move around the site. This information is processed in aggregate, anonymous form.

Technical cookies, though not requiring the user’s prior consent to be installed and utilised, can nevertheless be handled by the user through the browser settings (in the section “How to manage cookie settings”). 

The cookies used by MIASUKI are described in the table set out below.

MIASUKI  cookies used on the Site

Description of the Cookie


Duration of the Cookie


Used to save the user’s country and his preferred currency 


For life


Used to allow new visitors to view the image of the Logo on the home page and hidden from visitors returning to the page on a specific day 


1 Day


Indicates whether the cache can be used.


1 Hour


Your session ID on the server.


1 Hour


The last category visited.


1 Hour


The product most recently viewed.


1 Hour


Indicates whether a new message has been received.


1 Hour


The ID of any surveys in which you have recently taken part.


1 Hour


The method adopted to view the store or the language selected.


1 Hour


Indicates whether a customer has permitted cookies to be used.


1 Hour


The products that you have viewed recently.


1 Hour


A coded list of products added to your wish list.


1 Hour


The number of articles present in your wish list.


1 Hour


Name of the subject making the comment


1 Anno


E-mail of the subject making the comment


1 Anno


Web Site URL


1 Anno


Used to save the user’s Facebook ID 


1 Hour


Third-party cookies

A number of third-party cookies are installed through the Web Site.

In the case of third-party cookies, the Site does not have direct control of the individual cookies (it cannot install them directly or delete them). The user can in any event manage these cookies and deny consent previously given to their use through the browser settings in the section “How to manage cookie settings”, or by accessing the links indicated in the table set out below.

A table is set out below giving an indication of the third parties that install cookies, of the third-party cookies installed on the Site, their features and purposes, links to informative notices drawn up by these subjects, and the links relating to the methods to be adopted to disable them.


Cookies used on the Site

Features and purposes of cookies used on the Site  

Links to Privacy informative notice 

Links to disable them / consent forms

Google Analytics


These cookies are supplied by Google Inc. and are used to distinguish users

Click here

Click here

Google Analytics


These cookies are supplied by Google Inc. and are used to regulate the number of requests made.

Click here

Click here



These cookies, supplied by Facebook, and are set when a visitor accesses or uses its service

Click here

Click here


Web Beacons

Web Beacons, also known as “transparent gifs,” “pixel gifs”, “web bugs,” “Internet tags” or “pixel tags” are small images found on a Web Site or on an e-mail that allow MIASUKI and third parties to monitor activities on the site and to make cookies more efficient. Web Beacons allow MIASUKI, or third parties working on our behalf, to gauge and improve the efficiency of our marketing operations, by transmitting information according to whether or not the links in our e-mails or on our Web sites are clicked and collecting information on sites visited before and after visiting our Web Site. MIASUKI could use log files to save data collected via Web Beacons. Information collected via Web Beacons is processed in aggregated, anonymous form.


How to manage Cookie settings

The user may remove all or any cookies used by the Site through his browser. The disabling of navigation cookies may give rise to malfunctions on the Site and/or restrict the service offered. 

Third-party cookies may also be disabled through the browser settings illustrated below, or adopting methods made available directly by the third parties themselves, indicated in the paragraph headed “Third-party cookies”.

Every browser adopts different procedures to allow its cookie settings to be modified. Specific instructions are given below on how to make such a modification:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

1. Select “Tools”, then “Internet options”; 

2. Click on “Privacy”;

3. Select the privacy level desired using the cursor. 

Or access the following link


1. Select the caption “Safari”, then “Preferences” from the scroll-down menu;

2. Click on “Privacy”. 

Or access the following link


1. Select “Tools”, then “Settings”;

2. Click on “Show advance settings”;

3. In the section “Privacy”, click on “Content settings”. 

Or access the following link

Mozilla Firefox:

1. Select the menu “Tools”, then “Options”;

2. Click on “Privacy”; 

Or access the following link