Designed for women




MIASUKI uses sports biomechanics to record and analyse the actions and riding methods of professional athletes. Simple described, it is the ‘physics of sport’. MIASUKI’s R&D team studies riders, their horses and how they work together in order to gain a greater understanding of athletic performance through mathematical modeling, computer simulation and measurements. This research gives us a better understanding of which products can be improved and where new innovative studies are needed.



The selection and utilisation of a fabric is the most important part of the creative process. The basic qualities and the functionality and performance of the material determines how a garment will look and feel during and after the wearing, especially for competitions. Italia is the world’s leader in fabrics manufacture and discovery is all part of the creative process at the MIASUKI style centre.



The weavers, knitters and dyers have many new technological fibres, yarns and finishing techniques that enable them to develop fabrics that breathe, manage perspiration or transport heat away from the body. These are all technologies standard to MIASUKI. High impact four way equal stretch technology and optimum shape recovery are also priorities when selecting material for our line. We use fabrics that move with the rider and help them look impeccable throughout an entire event.



Traditionally, equestrian style has a masculine look and feel to it and the female aspect of both the shape and the fit of the clothes has sometimes been overlooked. Since 80% of riders are women, MIASUKI has created a collection that takes into consideration the female body shape and has redesigned traditional styles accordingly, as well as adding many new looks that are designed especially for women. Our master tailors have cut patterns that make the MIASUKI collection look wonderful on women. We believe that female riders deserve elegant, high-performance clothing in order to ride comfortably and in harmony with their horses.