Passion and a love of riding

How MIASUKI was born



MIASUKI is a story of challenging convention. Of not accepting second best. A story of the creation of equestrian clothing fit for female riders and champions, inspired by their passion and love for riding.

Naturally, the first seeds of an idea started coming together whilst horse riding. It began with the feeling of frustration. The frustration of restricted body movements from conventionally cut clothing; the frustration of trapped heat unable to escape the commonly weaved; and the frustration of heavy fabrics bearing down all over the body.

Needless to say, horse lovers are always looking for that magic with their horse, wanting to achieve it all, breaking through mountains and crossing oceans.

Our founder is of no exception. She doesn’t believe in mediocrity, a life is not worth living without the best life has to offer.

For any athlete the winning formula is a compound of a multitude of solid qualities, dedication; bravery; intellect just to name a few. MIASUKI is the spirit of all these solid qualities, dedicated to the equestrian sport, braved to break through conventions with products intelligently crafted.

Our inspiration

Passion for riding, the love of horses and the enjoyment of being close to nature has inspired MIASUKI Cavallerizza e Cavaliere to design the finest apparel collection just for women, and to develop an interactive website that will interest the female equestrian community as a whole.

Equestrianism has bestowed on us an array of heroines, from the prodigious Charlotte Dujardin and modern champion Jane Richard Philips to Mary King who, at 51, represented Britain for her 6th Olympics in 2012.

We pay homage to pioneers Lis Hartell, Ida Van Nagel, Elsa Christofsen and Marjorie Haines, the first female equestrians to compete in an Olympic games in 1952.

At MIASUKI, we admire these iconic female riders and anticipate the success of the tomorrow’s dynamic stars.



The comfort and professional requirements of our equestrian customers and website subscribers is very important to us and central to our philosophy, our thinking and our planning. We want our riders to look and feel good but we also want them to keep fit and outclass in every performance.

Aside from technical riding and training, women have many and various practical issues that also need to be taken into consideration.

MIASUKI works with a panel of experts, in order to enhance the life, comfort and enjoyment of equestrian sports.

Riding can help reduce the anxiety and stress of modern living; it brings immense pleasure and for some is greatly therapeutic, we aspire to see an ever-greater number of women experience the vital, life-affirming joy that is riding.