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Welcome to Exquisite Performance
MIASUKI has created a unique inner circle of horse women who champion the values of the 
brand experience. We choose these women very carefully to reflect our core 
dedication to empower Exquisite Performances in elite equestrianism.

To nurture a relationship with horses requires both sensititvity and sensibility, much like people.
Flore Giraud
Horses force you to mature very fast, teach you how to deal with feelings, which helps you in real life.
Iman Perez
I'm not the nervous type. The most important thing for me is to have some fun with my friends.
Mathilde Pinault

Challenge & Personify
Challenge conventions, not accept the homogenous status quo, create a voice;
contribute new energy to the equestrian arenas of the world.
Converse & Bring Awareness
Intimate connected conversations to bring awareness to key chosen issues.
Inspire & Empower
A supportive network enriching mind, body and soul; propelling our
MIASUKI IX forward as truly dynamic modern beings.

Blood, sweat and tears. We are that brave young heart.
Mia S. Lei
Founder of MIASUKI