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The insignia knit has become something of a favourite for Iman Perez, who also wore it on her recent tour of Hong Kong with her trainer, Marie Couperie Eiffel. Knitted from the finest pure merino wool offering supreme insulation, it’s a great alternative to a jacket, and Perez likes the cosy feeling it offers in competition situations. That’s the thing with well-executed knitwear: it’s physical and emotional comfort dressing without compromising on style. And you can’t beat the inherent beauty of natural materials, whether it’s wool, silk or cashmere yarns.

Cashmere at the stables may sound wildly extravagant, but it’s a clever, resilient buy that works beautifully both in and out of the arena. Spun with intelligent fibres it becomes elegant and practical luxe multi-purpose performance wear. Take the MIASUKI water-repellent Italian cashmere pieces or the embroidered Nahar knit and the breathable, lightweight Faran sweater that both have antibacterial silver fibres making them perfect for high-intensity riding. By re-imagining cashmere like this, you get a technical piece of knitwear that can withstand horsey life.
This is very much what modern luxury is about: things that are beautiful enough to wear outside the stables but crafted so that you can ride in them without worrying about ruining them. For something to be truly luxurious you have to experience it in a bodily way. Unlike art that you can admire up on the wall, lifestyle luxury is connected directly to you. It’s something tactile that enriches your life in small or big ways.

It’s also about a culture of care: not only in terms of dreaming up pieces of exceptional quality that are durable and easy to care for, but equally about mindful shopping and buying pieces with serious mileage that can be utilised in more than one way. And even though you know a technical cashmere sweater is a sensible and practical investment that serves a specific purpose, you shouldn’t underestimate the deliciously rebellious feeling you get from wearing cashmere at the yard.